Features and Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is the best web hosting option for websites facing a large amount of traffic. Also, for websites supporting business-critical applications or hosting online shop.

Why Dedicated Server Hosting

There is no sharing of resources under dedicated server hosting; instead, the user gets to control resources like bandwidth, RAM, or memory, upgrading or downgrading according to their needs. Dedicated hosting introduces significant advantages targeted at large, enterprise-level organizations that requires large amounts of computing resources.

Operating System Choices

  • By choosing hosted dedicated server, you can choose your own operating system. The applications that you need for your business can involve a specific type of operating system, such as Windows Server OS or one of the various Linux distributions. In certain cases, the software you run can only be compatible with a legacy OS version. Make sure that the provider you are going with allows you to run the OS you need.



  • Most business whether big or small have goals to grow a larger customer base and increase revenues. But with a small number of resources in cloud and shared hosting solutions, coping with high traffic spikes can become extremely difficult – and this is where a dedicated server is most in its element. On demand, a dedicated host can offer 100% performance. Typically, the server will have multiple roles – it may be a WordPress server with a MySQL database and a front end of Apache and PHP. When the business grows, the dedicated server can deliver a huge amount of overhead.



  • Having a secure web server is very important when you are using cloud hosting. Since, businesses face a huge amount of obstacles in avoiding their server infrastructure from being broken into.
  • A breach of security can disrupt business operations, harm reputations and cause substantial loss of revenue for organizations. Security is the main features of dedicated server hosting, as a dedicated environment offers unprecedented protection and accessibility to install security software like firewalls anti-malware prograns, and more. This also allows for security updates and quick upgrades to offer solid security and protection from attacks or unwanted intrusion.


Administrative Access and Server Configuration

  • Dedicated servers provide administrative access to the installation and configuration of any software programs required for your business operations. For instance, the user is in direct charge of the service to be provided by the dedicated server.
  • Dedicated servers have low maintenance costs as a server specialist team takes care of all maintenance including caching software, anti-spam filters, etc. Also, the network is managed which leaves user to focus on the dedicated server.

High Availability

  • The hosting provider executes enterprise-level technology to protect your dedicated server as well as could be expected. The physical servers are protected by around the clock monitoring, redundant power, network and storage connectivity.
  • The hosting provider manage the interconnect hardware that controls the server, guaranteeing excellent uptimes as high as 99.9%, ensured by SLAs. As a dedicated server client, you do not have to stress over how the remainder of the infrastructure hangs together; all that technical stuff is kept up by the provider.


Top-Tier Technical Support

  • IT department might need the technical support for troubleshooting from the dedicated server hosting provider. Most hosting providers offer round-the-clock, IT support via chat, email, phone, or ticket.
  • Technical support refers to a team of IT experts available 24/7 to solve  IT issues at your location. They have the skills to solve any potential site issues or problems that may occur in building the server. Besides this, some of the hosting providers provides their clients with helpful services such as information sites, forums, knowledge bases, etc.


Dedicated servers give companies a high-performance, massive storage solution for hosting their applications. As, it provides impeccable support to businesses and helps them expand at scale. There is a variety of choice you need to consider to get the most out of your server. Such as your choice of operating system, hardware and control panel, your ability to configure the server, web app security, SSL certificates, spam filtering, dedicated IP addresses, DDoS protection and intrusion prevention.