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Run your business smoothly with a cloud-based backup solution.
Back up everything
Multiple possibilities
We make sure you have backed up everything with full image backups. Incremental backups let you protect all the important changes since your last full backup. Full revision control allows you to have everything up and running again rapidly if something happens.
Wide range of devices and applications
Everything important including your business-critical applications can be protected with Cloud Backup. Moreover, backup from different devices are necessary to protect your day-to-day operations. We support virtual machines (VMs), servers, ESXi, Hyper-V and Virtuozzo as we know your infrastructure is important yo you. SQL Server, Exchange Server and Active Directory are also supported. Cloud Backup is perfect for both physical and virtual servers.
Avoid any complexity
Unattended agent installation
Cloud Backup needs to build a connection with the server you want to protect with a piece of software, or agent, that you install on your server. The agent confirms the data source for the backup console, to make sure you backup your data properly. You can download the backup agent from the Cloud Panel, copy and execute it to your server. You can also install the agent on the server during setup after purchasing Cloud Backup.
Comprehensive scheduling
You decide the number and types of backups created, when and how often they are made, how long they are stored and how compressed they are. You’ll be surprised of how easy it is to do all of this without maintaining physical backups all the time.
Applications with High Availability
Minimize downtime
We’re here to help to prevent the costly downtime. Cloud Backup will brings you back online in seconds by loading your Linux or Windows backup into a virtual machine. Your websites will stay functional while the hardware gets everything sorted out.
Rapid data recovery
Cloud Backup provides you the flexibility to recover precisely what you need, and when you need no matter it’s a rollback to a working version or a complete data transfer from a burned-out hardware to a new one.

The technical stuff

Find out some of the finer details before you make your decision.


Secure your backups. Rest assured as only you have the key with at-source AES 256 encryption and personal passwords.


With the activity log, you will know how many users have admin access, and always be able to see who was doing what.

Data compression

Compress your data at the backup source. You can choose to compress your data depending on your needs.

Package Overview

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Cloud Backup

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Cloud Backup is fully integrated into our portfolio, so you can provision servers with the backup client already installed, and operate everything within the Cloud Panel directly.

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We know that security is important to you. All of our data centers meet the high standard for data security, rest assured to know your data is safe.

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Cloud Backup
FAQ – Frequently asked questions
What types of backups can Cloud Backup create?

You can create full image backups, file copies and disk copies with our Cloud Backup solution.

What is the difference between cloud storage and cloud backup?

With cloud storage, only data is stored. This is similar as saving important Word documents, media files, etc. on an external hard disk. However, the cloud can be accessed wherever you are via the internet.

In another hand, cloud backup means that it’s not only files that can be backed up, but also complete system statuses in different versions. Therefore it’s possible to reset a server to a previously secured system status at any time after a security issue or an IT system malfunction. So you can rapidly restore to a secure and stable operating state.

What is the best kind of backup routine?

The best kind of backup depends on your needs, like how you work and which processes you want or need to map. When you use Cloud Backup, you are not limited to just one backup type, but are free to change and combine options.

For most users, performing a full back up once a week is more than enough while others prefer to carry out incremental backups on a weekly basis. A software development company or users with high data volumes often need to generate daily backups and have every backup from the past few weeks and months available in full so they can quickly restore the old systems or development statuses anytime.

What choose cloud backup over local backups?

Local backups are at higher risk of being lost, damaged or destroyed by accidents or environmental factors. Cloud backup brings you the advantage of redundant structures and state-of-the-art technology, allows you to virtually eliminate risks and ensure that your data is always protected. As long as there is an internet connection, you can easily access your data no matter where you are. It’s both location-independent and unlimited.