Secure your site with SSL certificate
Stay away from non secure warning in browser bar and gain visitors’ confidence with an SSL-encrypted website.
Boost your customers’ trust with SSL/TLS

What SSL does

An SSL certificate encrypts all information transmitted to and from your website, make sure the information and data is protected from third parties.


Transport Layer Security (TLS) is an updated and more secure version of SSL. When you purchase an SSL certificate from Mondoze, you will get the latest TLS technology. We still refer to them as SSL because it’s the more common term.

Why you need SSL Security

Browsers, like Google Chrome, will mark pages without SSL encryption as not secure, which will affect your credibility and reliability. If you have an SSL certificate, your site’s URL will start with the prefix “https” and a padlock icon will be displayed in the browser bar, so your visitors know your site is secure so as their data.

Package overview

We offer Standard SSL (protect a domain, without subdomains) and Wildcard SSL Certificate (protect a domain, incl. all subdomains)
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DigiCert – your SSL security
We work whit with our partner DigiCert, to offer reliable protection for your website with highly secure 256-bit SSL encryption.

DigiCert SSL Certificate

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What do you need from your SSL/TLS Certificate?
Remove “not secure” warning sign from my site
Safeguard my domain and all of my subdomains
Secure transactions on my website
A verified SSL Certificate for my business

Types of SSL certificate

Domain Validated (DV)

If you are just want to use the SSL certificate to secure your personal website or blog, then usually the domain validated SSL (DV) will meet your requirements. All traffic will be encrypted but no further validation is conducted. DV Certificates are the right solution for simple websites include blogs, personal websites, and simple one-page websites.

Extended Validation (EV)

An extended validation (EV) SSL certificate conveys the highest level of security and trustworthiness on your website. EV is best for eCommerce websites as it guarantees the real origin of a website and the safety of payment information. For instance, banks, big eCommerce organizations and government agencies usually rely on extended validation certificates.

Organization Validated (OV)

If you are doing any online business then you should at least use an OV SSL. When you’re dealing with any kind of data, organization validation (OV) ensure that your organization is real, and that the domain belongs to you, not a third party. This will protect your business and customers from phishing websites. Organization validation is a great way to protect a company website, a forum, or any other website with a login page. In this case, your visitors’ usernames and passwords will be transferred with end-to-end encryption.
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Benefits of an SSL/TLS certificate

Site Seal

Site Seals are small images used to display on your site to let your visitors know that your website is encrypted and safe.

Boost customers' trust

Give your visitors the peace of mind as you are protecting the information they submit on your website with DigiCert, a global leader in internet security.

Avoid phishing

Secure your site against phishing (the act of attempting to gain sensitive data from usernames) with our SSL Business/Premium.

Browse the internet safely

Our SSL certificates are compatible with all major browsers and mobile optimized so your visitors and customers know their data is protected and encrypted.

Protect private information

The browser connection between visitors and your website is protected with up to 256-bit encryption. All transmitted data is protected from third parties and fraudsters.

Improve your ranking

Google ranks websites with SSL higher compared to sites without any security certification. Study has shown that sites with professional validation can receive up to 6% higher rankings in search results!
SSL Certificates
FAQ – Frequently asked questions
What is an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. SSL is a security protocol that encrypt your communications over the Internet. SSL is commonly employed by eCommerce websites to protect sensitive data like credit card numbers or bank number. You can recognize sites that have a SSL certificate by the URL https, rather than the unsecured http as the “s” stands for “secure”.

Should I buy SSL certificate for my website?

An SSL certificate is a great way to protect your website’s reputation. SSL Security from Mondoze offers complete security for your online transactions so you won’t have to worry about fraudsters. Moreover, it’s important that you can secure your customer’s credit card and other financial information from third parties. SSL certificate is also the foundation to build a trusted online brand that recognized by customers and the search engine algorithm as a reputable website. Furthermore, SSL certificates can avoid unnecessary security breaches on your site so you won’t spend extra time and money to fix them. At Mondoze, we believe investing in website security is always a good idea.

Can a SSL certificate improve my website's Google ranking?

With our cheap SSL certificate, Google’s algorithm will recognize you mark your site as seal-of-quality and assurance. Therefore, your website will appear in higher position in the search engine’s results compared to unsecured websites. Therefore, you can enjoy increased traffic to your website from customer’s searching for your services or products on Google.

What kind of SSL certificate is available from Mondoze?

Our SSL certificates are domain based, offers rapid validation and protection. We offer QuickSSL certificates from GeoTrust and is enhanced with powerful 256-bit SSL encryption, providing your domain with the highest level of security available. Displaying the GeoTrust seal on your site to show your customers that their security is your priority.

How do I buy an SSL certificate for my Mondoze domain?

If you’re an existing customers with Mondoze, you can check in your hosting package as you may already have an SSL certificate. If not, you can check out our affordable SSL certificate plans.

Our recommendation

SSL Starter

For a website that does not transmit any user data or payment information, a Domain Validation SSL Certificate is the right choice.
Our recommendation

SSL Starter Wildcard

For a website with multiple subdomains, a Wildcard SSL Certificate is the right choice.


Our recommendation

SSL Premium

For online retailers, an Extended Validation SSL Certificate is the right choice.


Our recommendation

SSL Business

For businesses that do not process payments online, an Organization Validation SSL Certificate is the right choice.