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What is an IP Address
Every device with access to the internet has an IP address. It ensures that data is sent to the right recipient. Without you even noticing, your IP address is used when you open a web page and when sending emails. Your IP address is assigned by your internet provider and usually consists of dynamically generated combinations of numbers and letters.
How IP addresses are generated
Two types of IP addresses are distributed on the Internet: IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. IPv4 addresses consist of four blocks of numbers between 0 and 225 which separated by dots. The fast growth of the internet necessitated a new standard to ensure more IP addresses could be generated. This is why the IPv6 method was introduced. IPv4 addresses consist only of numbers and full stops, while IPv6 involves the use of letters in combination with colons and numbers.
IPv6 address: Safe assignment and data protection
To the average internet user, an IP address will appear as no more than a random sequence of numbers, but in fact the numbers are distributed according to exact rules. They contain information about the respective internet provider, or transmit the location of the dial-up node. The laws on storing and saving information are vary from country to country.
Set up your own server with your IP address
What is my IP address? Most users never have to consider these kinds of questions, as IP addresses are automatically exchanged in the background without noticing the user. However, if you want to externally access a network or a router, or allow third-party access, you need to know your IP address.

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions
What is an IP?

Every computer or device that connects to the Internet is part of a network. Data is constantly sent and received within this network. The IP address is similar to individual identification number that allows targeted data exchange. For instance, if you browse a website, your IP address will be transmitted to the web server of the website. The web server then knows exactly where the data from and where to send the data. Our IP Checker shows your public IP address. It is not possible to change an IP address as the IP address is provided by the server. However, restarting the router will cause a new random address to be reissued by the provider.

How is it determined?

The IP address is generated dynamically along with every new browsing session by the internet provider. Therefore, every new dial-up will generates a new IP address or at least once a day, so the assignment of IP addresses can be done more efficiently, the dynamic method can take the unused addresses into consideration. Dynamic IP addresses also contribute to website security as they lower the risk of identification and external attacks.

Other than dynamic IP addresses, static addresses are also used — most commonly if the IP belongs to a page, so that websites can be easily found by the users. This is why the Domain Name System (DNS) was established. A domain name like www.mondoze.com is much easier to remember than a number sequence. Each domain name leads to a web server with a fixed IP address.