Cloud Server Hosting

Flexibility. Scale up anytime you want.
Mondoze Personal Consultant
Professional support from the experts
Backed by our standard 24/7 support team, our dedicated Personal Consultant is ready to help you in choosing the right server for your project.

Build your own cloud infrastructure

Cloud Server provides the scalable server performance on a virtual machine. More dedicated resources can be added when you need them, giving you the flexibility to complete your large projects.

As part of the Mondoze cloud platform, our cloud servers include integrated tools and features including block storage, load balancer and shared storage. We offer the highest levels of security and performance as our servers are equipped with VMware virtualization and physically separate computing and storage capacities.

Bring your application to a higher level

eCommerce servers
React rapidly to traffic/demand fluctuations and save costs using load balancer to distribute workload between front- and back-end servers.
Smartphone apps
We offer a solution for mobile app operation that adjusts in response to changing access rates and can be configured via API, at the same time guaranteeing the availability.
Industrial networking
Easily connect your machinery with your entire facility to digitize production and service processes. Automate the operation, maintenance, repair and other processes.
Educational and institutional use
Deliver entire courses, individual units or sessions depending on need. Best for flexible data retrieval or for user- and resource-intensive live training.
Software development / dev ops
Develop software on a reliable and highly available system so you can adapt to your needs with on-demand resources. Import, customize or even clone your existing projects.
IT infrastructure
By expanding your IT infrastructure to the cloud, you can operate core services like intranet and email applications while making them accessible across multiple locations.

Our Cloud Server package

Not sure how to choose? Contact us for more information.
VMware virtualization
100Mbps Bandwidth
Intel® Xeon® Processors

Cloud Server XS

$0.0069 / hour
max. $5 / month

Cloud Server S

$0.0111 / hour

max. $8 / month

Cloud Server M

$0.0222 / hour

max. $16 / month

Cloud Server L

$0.0333 / hour

max. $24 / month

Cloud Server XL

$0.0649 / hour

max. $50 / month

Cloud Server XXL

$0.1389 / hour

max. $100 / month

Cloud Server 3XL

$0.2222 / hour

max. $160 / month

Cloud Server 4XL

$0.3333 / hour

max. $240 / month

Cloud Server 5XL

$0.5000 / hour

max. $360 / month

Cloud Server RAM M

$0.0250 / hour

max. $18 / month

Cloud Server RAM L

$0.0556 / hour

max. $40 / month

Cloud Server RAM XL

$0.1111 / hour

max. $80 / month

Cloud Server RAM XXL

$0.2222 / hour

max. $160 / month

State and local taxes will apply. Click here for our General Terms and Conditions.

Ultimate Cloud Server package – Maximize the Flexibility

With the Ultimate package you can customize the amount of CPU vCores, RAM and SSD storage depending on your needs. You can adjust your configuration in the cloud panel any time, you are flexible no matter the situation.

Ultimate Cloud Server

Starting at

$0.0160 / hour

max. $11.52 / month

State and local taxes will apply. Click here for our General Terms and Conditions.

The best Cloud Server

Powerful hardware and resources
Up to 24 vCores on Intel® Xeon® processors, and up to 128 GB RAM and 500 GB SSD, scalable with block storage. Our Cloud Servers provides you the dedicated resources exclusively. The flexibility and scalability also allow you to adapt live server resources without any interruption.
Virtualization and complete control
Virtualization software powered by VMware can be managed through our intuitive Cloud Panel, so you can expand resources and add servers with ease. The fully documented API allows all cloud panel functions to be performed through third-party applications.
Operating systems distrubition
Feel free to choose from a wide range of the latest versions of Linux environment and Windows operating systems. All our Cloud Servers support the popular MySQL and MariaDB relational database management systems. Moreover, we also offer SQL Express, MS SQL Web and MS SQL Standard licenses. You can install additional third-party applications as well as ISO images for complete configuration.

All Cloud Server features

No minimum contract term
Cancel anytime
Data center location
Interactive invoice
Multiple servers
Scalable servers
Expandable during operation
VMware virtualization
Load balancer
SSD SAN systems
Block storage (optional)
100 GB for $7.20/month (billed per minute)
Shared memory (optional)
100 GB for $7.20/month (billed per minute)
Unlimited traffic
24/7 expert support
Wildcard SSL certificate
High-performance data centers
ISO 27001 certified
Firewall management
Backup (optional)
From $0.65c per GB/month
Server snapshot
Images (optional)
100 GB for $7.20/month (billed per minute)
Server logs
SSH keys
Private networks
KVM console
Linux standard
Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 18.04
CentOS 8, CentOS 7
Debian 10, Debian 9
OpenSuse Leap 15
Windows optional
Windows Server® 2016 –$10/vCore/month
Windows Server® 2019 –$10/vCore/month
Cloud panel
Full root access
Administration tool Plesk Obsidian
Control panel
Additional users and roles
Encrypted remote access
Image import
100 GB for $7.20/month (billed per minute)
SSH key management
Pre-installed applications
WordPress, Drupal™, Magento, PrestaShop, Shopware, and lots more
Database support
e.g. MS SQL, MariaDB, My SQL, and more
Microsoft databases (optional)
Software for database administration included on request. Only with Windows.
MS SQL Express 2016/2017 – free
MS SQL 2016/2017 – web license for $40/month per 4 CPUs
MS SQL 2016/2017 – standard license for $300/month per 4 CPUs
Unlimited number of inboxes
2 GB storage capacity per inbox
Webmail 2.0
Domains (optional)
Optional as an add-on
One IPv4 address per server included
Additional IPv4 addresses (optional)
$5 per IPv4 address
One IPv6/64 network included
Unlimited external domains
DNS management

Transparent in our pricing

Keep an eye on your expenses even for large growing projects with our transparent pricing and ongoing cost estimates.
Billing by the minute
Cloud Server tracks the usage and billing by the minute. Customize your CPU vCores, RAM and SSD storage on a per-minute basis to only pay depend on what you use.
Easy-to-navigate invoice
An interactive invoice provides clear cost summaries and estimates, so you can efficiently plan and manage your spending on an ongoing future basis.
Start or stop, up to you
Deploy, shut down, or modify your cloud servers anytime. Your options are always open with no minimum contract or upfront costs.

Protected by World-Class Security

Certified data centers

Our data centers located in Malaysia and around the world. Our data centers meet the safety and security standards, as confirmed by our ISO 27001 certification.

Two-factor authentication

Add an extra layer of security with 2FA. A login code will be sent to your smartphone, access only with your username, password and unlocked mobile device.

Firewall Protection

We protect your server with the latest SIEM and IDS/IPS technologies, as well as our central firewall. Backups can be made and saved at any time, to keep your data safe.

Optional Add-Ons

Affordable features that you can add to your cloud server anytime with the Cloud Panel.

Secure backups

Our market-leading backup feature protects and stores your data at a physically separate data center. Backups can be scheduled at specific times.

Shared memory

Shared memory allows you to use additional disk space for all servers in your infrastructure to share access to the same data. Both shared memory and servers have to be hosted in the same data center.

Block storage

Expand the storage capacity of a specific SSD-based cloud server, which can be individually defined and adjusted during operation. Shared storage and the server must be hosted in the same data center.

Dedicated servers

Easily integrate your additional dedicated servers into your cloud server infrastructure. Can be either existing dedicated servers or Mondoze Dedicated Servers — the choice is up to you.

More IP addresses

Add on additional IP addresses and assign them to a specific server. You can add an IPv4 address for only $5/month.

Import images

Import images to your servers as many as you want using your Cloud Panel to secure them for the long term usage. No minimum contract.

Cloud Servers
FAQ – Frequently asked questions
What is a cloud server?

A cloud server is a cost-efficient virtual server that provides you with a complete, web-based IT infrastructure, including computing power, storage space and network technology. When you rent a Cloud Server, you have all the resources you need to carry out your web projects. You can easily process, exchange, secure and manage data either web-based or location-independent. You can also run various data-supported applications over the web and make them available to other users.

As one of the cloud hosting providers, Mondoze offers you wide range of additional features that are frequently required in high-performance cloud environments. Features such as load balancer and complete root access as well as shared storage, add-on block storage and much more are included.

Is my data secure?

The data security of all our products and services as well as cloud server hosting is a top priority for Mondoze. With us, you'll benefit not only from encrypted data transmission, but also from encrypted storage and data backups. Our digital and physical security infrastructure protects your data comprehensively. Our data centers and modern high-performance servers, play their part, as do our central firewall and the latest SIEM and IDS/IPS technologies, to protect our security network from unwanted access.

How do I set up my cloud server?

Set up a cloud server in just a few minutes. Programming skills are not required. We will guide you step-by-step through the process:

  1. First, determine the desired server size.
  2. Then choose an operating system for your cloud server (Windows or Linux).
  3. Select the location of the data center.
  4. Then start server creation.

The deployment time for a Linux image is about 55 seconds. Your cloud server is then fully available to use.

Are cloud servers also suitable for companies?

Yes, our cheap cloud hosting plans are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Simply select the right package for your needs based on the server resources you require. Fast solid state disks (SSDs) with short access times are available in every package for data transfer and storage. Whenever you need more resources, you can customize them to meet your needs.

Which databases are supported?

Our Cloud Servers support the popular and widely used MySQL and MariaDB relational database management systems. We also offer MS SQL Express, MS SQL with web license and MS SQL with standard license.

Can I back up my data to a cloud server?

Yes, you can back up your data to your Cloud Server. A backup client is available as well as an additional, separate backup storage on which you can back up the data of your cloud server externally at any time. Your backup will be encrypted in a physically separate data center so you can back up your data multiple times.

If you just want to create a secure and practical online backup for your data, we can offer you this service in the form of our Cloud Backup package.