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Request an authorization code from current domain provider. You will receive the code via email.

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Enter the authorization code on the next page. Click the link in the email we send you to confirm the transfer.
Why transfer to Mondoze
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There are more reasons to transfer your existing domain to Mondoze besides the benefits that come with every domain registration.

If you are an existing customer, you can save your time by having everything centralized in one place.

With our domain transfer process, we make sure your domain is transferred as quickly and hassle-free as possible. Our professional 24/7 support team is always ready to help.

The domain transfer process is free of charge. However, the standard fees such as renewal fees still apply for all new and existing customers. Domains will be automatically renewed for 1 year when you transfer to Mondoze.
Why register a domain with Mondoze
Transfer your domain to us and enjoy our comprehensive features.


Get your professional email address by connecting your email to your domain starting with 2 GB of mailbox space. You can upgrade anytime for more space.


SSL Certificate is included for reliable protection of your website visitors and to increase your Google ranking.

10,000 subdomains

We offer subdomains up to 10,000 to customize and structure your website.

Easy management

Manage your domain name with an easy-to-use control panel or change your DNS records easily across multiple domains.

Domain lock

Domain transfer lock avoids unauthorized transfers by third parties. You can unlock it anytime for transfer purposes.

24/7 customer support

Our experienced and knowledgeable support team is always available 24/7 for help and advice.

Meet Our Consultant
Facing problems? Get helpful advice from our friendly customer service exclusively for you. The most important, it’s free.
Domain Transfer
What is domain transfer?

Your domain name is the address your site which located in the address bar of your browser. Each domain name is provided by a host or a registrar that has registered the domain with ICANN. Anyone can own a domain name, from personal projects to medium-sized businesses and large enterprises. There are many reasons to transfer a domain. For instance, you may transfer to another provider to get better value, more features and more security, or because you’re having problems with your current host.

What is required for a domain transfer?

First, you need to request the authorization code from your current provider, and provide your current email address that’s attached to your account to us. You will receive your code via this address but we recommend that you backup all your content with your existing domain as this will not be transferred to your new host. Once requested, you will receive your authorization code and guided through our domain transfer service.

Why should I transfer my domain to Mondoze?

We give you the peace of mind for you to focus on your important aspects with our cheap domain transfer.

Mondoze offers a smooth transition period so that your customers and your followers will not be affected during the process. We understand that a secure, simple and hassle-free transfer process is what our customers value the most.

As soon as you are up and running, you will be provided an IP address to access your site and make any necessary changes. You can then transfer across all your old data and easily recreate your original site with your new host.

How long does it take to transfer domain names?

The transfer process usually takes between 5 and 7 days. It won’t be long before you’re fully operational with Mondoze as your domain host.

Will domain transfer affect my SERP ranking?

As long as your actual domain name does not change, your SEO authority should be unaffected by domain transfer. We recommend not canceling your previous hosting account until your domain transfer with Mondoze has been fully processed to avoid any confusion.

Can I transfer .com domains to Mondoze?

Absolutely! We accept all types of domains extension from .com and .org, to .me or .store. We also offer a wide variety of TLDs if you feel like either purchasing a new name or adding to your roster of names in the future to help you rebrand your domain name.