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What is Website Checker?
Our Website Checker scans and your website to analyze its performance, and giving you the suggestions on how you can improve it.

You can implement many of these tips immediately yourself, and Mondoze offers additional products to help you take advantage of the full range of advice.
What does the tool test?
The Website Checker analyze four aspects of your website that are important for your online success:
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How does the tool work?
The Website Checker scans through the specified internet address like it was a visitor to your site or a search engine.

Then it will analyzes the source code of your site. Please note that customer data is not used for analysis at any time.

Four aspects reviewed by the Website Checker

Website presentation

The design of your website is important as it represents how user-friendly your website is. In addition, a mobile-responsive designed website is more vital than ever before as more and more users are visiting websites via smartphones.

Be present online

Search engine visibility

It’s important that your website is visible in search engine result pages like Google to increase your website traffic. Our Website Checker checks your page SEO performance and provides handy tips and recommendations on how to improve your site’s visibility.

Get found

Website security

Your website should also be secure, because a safe site is a proven way to gain trust from potential customers for your business. Stay on the safe side and find out if your website meets all of the security aspects that our website checker reviews.

Be secure

Website speed

Slow website loading times can be an obstacle to your business as it will pull your visitors away from buying your products or stop readers from viewing articles and information. The checker provides your website’s performance details and lists whether any action is required to improve the speeds.

Be fast

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Website Checker
FAQ – Frequently asked questions
Why is it necessary to regularly conduct a website check?

Mondoze website analysis allows you to monitor the positive and negative impact of any changes or improvement you make to your website over time. Providing you correctly implement the recommendations given by our Website Checker, you should always attain a higher score for your website during the next check.

Does the Website Checker provide detailed information on search engine optimization?

Unfortunately no. The website checker only provides information on your page visibility on search engines like Google. You can check out our SEO Check for a more detailed look at how you can improve search engine optimization for your site.

Can the tool help me identify fake websites?

No. But if you want to from becoming the victim of an online scam, you can follow some simple rules:

  • Look through the URL closely. Does it show any signs of manipulation of the original website?
  • Examine the SSL certificate. Make sure it is a verified secured website that can be traced back to an organization or company.
  • Make sure the security seals like Norton have actually listed the website you want to conduct business with.