Infrastructure-as-a-Service / IaaS

Compute Engine

The flexible and secure infrastructure to deploy your cloud computing applications
The business cloud for your company
The public cloud is perfect to cope with your heavy workload in many ways like keep your eCommerce applications running even during peak loads, ensure SaaS solutions work smoothly, CPU-intensive rendering tasks are carried out cost-efficiently, and make sure backups are stored redundantly. No matter you are looking to blend on-site applications with a public cloud into a hybrid cloud, or require a alternative to multi-cloud strategy, our Compute Engine is your perfect choice—comes with transparent prices, maximum data privacy in certified data centers, an unbeatable backbone connection, and reliable live vertical scaling.
Data redundancy and security
All your business-critical data is extremely safe with us. It is processed and stored with redundancy in our certified data centers.
Powerful cloud infrastructure
The Compute Engine provides the flexibility to your company. You’ll benefit from the Compute Engine’s powerful, kernel-based virtualization technology without any overprovisioning or overcommitment.

Cloud consulting from professionals

Want to migrate all your IT or individual projects to the cloud? Get in touch with us to get helpful, individual, and free advice from our experts.
Save cost with cloud infrastructure
Put everything on cloud will cut your IT costs by as much as 20% with the Compute Engine. Our team will calculate your individual total cost of ownership compared to on-premises operation.
The right setup for your requirements
We help you to decide what kind of IT infrastructure you need. We are ready to find the optimal solution for your cloud architecture.

Why Compute Engine?

Compute Engine provides you a modern IaaS platform for cloud computing along with high availability, security, reliability, and fast software defined networking. With the drag and drop feature in our Data Center Designer, you can put together the resources for your customized virtual data center, without any rigid packages. Flexibly add new capacities and components to your virtual infrastructure with live vertical scaling any time and without rebooting the system. This is why our Compute Engine is one of the most attractive corporate cloud solutions available on the market.
Build your own virtual data center
Try out the Compute Engine with no further contracts or hidden fees!
1. Quick registration
Creating your admin access takes just a few simple steps. It is optimally protected by 2-factor authentication.
2. Simple setup
Configure your server, data storage, and network connections. It’s quick and simple using drag and drop in the Data Centre Designer or via the API.
3. You’re Ready!
You can start productive operations in just a few minutes after configuring your virtual data centre.

Instructions, documentation, and a strong community

Mondoze Partners

We works with all the IT industry leaders to provide you the high-performance and future-proof cloud infrastructure.

Reliable & secure

The Compute Engine is synonymous with data privacy and security. All of your valuable company and customer data are subject to the strict security requirements in certified Mondoze data centers in Malaysia. IP failover, redundant storage, and standardized ITIL/ITS processes guarantee high availability. We ensure speed, reliability, and maximum protection of your data.

Simple & flexible

It takes just a few clicks in the patented DC Designer to create precisely the data center you need. Pick the components that meet your requirements and enhance your infrastructure with additional capacities—at any time, on short notice, and without having to reboot the system (live vertical scaling). Virtually complete automation of your cloud infrastructure is possible using the modern Cloud REST API with manual cloud design in the DC Designer.


Build a solid foundation for your IaaS projects. Your IT is fit for the future with the Compute Engine. At Mondoze, we have access to leading data exchange, versatile skills, and above all the resources to provide next-gen technologies like SDN and bare metal. We are continuously improving cloud services like containers and Kubernetes. Innovative technical solutions are quickly integrated into our services to enhance our portfolio.


Our cloud experts support you in the preparation and implementation of your cloud projects and will gladly advise you on the architectural requirements for your virtual data center, as well as on issues of compatibility with legacy applications. We would be delighted to conduct a practical proof-of-concept. Our cloud consulting services are always personal, competent, and entirely free. What’s more, experienced system administrators are available 24/7 to provide live and professional technical support for your cloud applications.

Fast data connection

We offer you unbeatable flexibility and speed thanks to highly-efficient software defined networking for simple network configuration and management. Combined with network technology from the field of high-performance computing to deliver transmission rates of up to 80 Gbit/s.

Hybrid Cloud

The performance of your private cloud will improve when combined with our public cloud. Enhance your local applications with the advantages offered by the public cloud, and ensure that the scalability and flexibility of your infrastructure meet your precise requirements. Absorb peak loads and benefit from virtually unlimited capacities without leaving your familiar application environment—with no contractual commitment at all.

Ease of use

IaaS is simple with Mondoze: use the patented DC Designer to create and deploy your virtual data center in a matter of minutes.

Transparent pricing model

The simple pricing model for the Compute Engine is based on 4 price parameters (cores, RAM, storage, traffic) within a pay-as-you-go system. This means that costs are transparent and easy to calculate, even when you change your requirements. Contact us for a detailed quotation.

Guaranteed performance

Thanks to different data center locations and mirrored systems, your servers are optimally protected against failure. Our security measures, quality-driven IT services (ITIL/ITS), and extensive service level agreements ensure that your IT infrastructure is up and running smoothly at all times.

Best value for money

You benefit from a convincing price/performance ratio and a transparent pricing model without contractual commitment, including per-minute billing and professional cloud consulting from experts. Save up to 20% compared to on-premises operation.

Competent support

We offer first-class SysAdmin support 24/7 to ensure professional technical assistance with one face to the customer. You can obtain free advice from our cloud experts and clarify your specific project requirements and questions concerning your virtual infrastructure before implementing your cloud projects. We will gladly assist with a highly practical proof-of-concept.

Secure data storage

Our reliable cloud storage with dual redundancy as HDD/SSD block storage, and the S3 object storage are affordable, flexible, and scalable solutions that are perfect for any application scenario. The powerful backup solution gives you the additional option of safeguarding your data quickly and affordably in our certified data centers that offer maximum data protection.