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Important Features of Windows Dedicated Server You Should Know

A dedicated server hosting provider would always offer two different flavors to choose from – Windows dedicated server and Linux based servers. While both are similar in nature, their usage could be vastly different.

A Windows dedicated server specs is priced a little higher than a Linux server as the Windows operating system license is chargeable.

Apart from that, there could be differences in how the server is configured and tuned to work with the different applications, software, control panels and services installed.

What are the features of a Windows Dedicated Server?

1. Compatibility with services and applications

A windows dedicated server works with a majority of open-source systems and software. However, the reverse is not true with Linux based servers.

For example – Linux is incompatible with MS-SQL and .NET, it likes MySQL, Perl etc.

A windows dedicated server hosting plan allows a webmaster to work with open source as well as licensed software.

A windows dedicated server specs allows hosting of MySQL and MS-SQL; it accepts PHP and .NET equally well.

Be it an ecommerce business, a product website or an online store – there could be times when a website has to be built using different languages and components.

A windows operating system helps achieve this – irrespective of whether it is an instant dedicated server, a cheap dedicated server, or an affordable server with dedicated hosting.

2. Plesk Control Panel

Be it server Malaysia, cheap dedicated server Singapore, a server hosting plan with windows enables webmasters to use Plesk as a hosting control panel on their server.

A windows dedicated server is the most compatible hosting platform for Plesk control panel. Installing Plesk and working with it gives peace of mind to webmasters and consumers both.

Options like Plesk mobile center (for easy access via Android and iOS), cloud backup, a WordPress toolkit, docker support and a wide variety of other features – the combination of windows dedicated server and Plesk control panel makes life easy for businesses.

3. Active Directory 

Businesses – big and small, especially those with a need to have enterprise grade domain administration and directory service almost always use Active Directory.

A windows dedicated server with its dedicated server specs and server hosting is the best fit for Active directory installation and usage.

By design, Active directory is very structured as a data store service with defined user roles, permissions and hierarchy.

Also – the windows operating system and Active Directory are Microsoft products.

When it comes to user level permissions, SMBs and enterprises both like Active Directory for the level of security and ease of use it provides.

A windows dedicated server is the preferred choice to install Active directory along with dedicated server specs.

4. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

The RDP protocol developed by Microsoft is a very user-friendly remote login tool which helps system admins to login to a windows server.

Linux based servers can only be worked on with a Command Line Interface (CLI). It needs specialized skills and hands-on knowledge to fire command manually.

RDP has a simple User Interface (UI) with icons and images.

Performing windows dedicated server actions like application publishing, managing remote applications etc. can be done in seconds with RDP.

Such a tool is not yet available with dedicated server specs on Linux.

5. Internet Information Services (IIS)

A recent survey suggests that about 32% or every 3rd website hosted on a dedicated server uses IIS as its web server software.  

Be it cheap dedicated server Singapore, server Malaysia, or any other server hosting – a dedicated server specs with windows OS is a pre-requisite for installing and configuring IIS services.

Given that IIS is a light software, instant dedicated servers, cheap dedicated server and affordable server specs can easily run a windows server with IIS.