Advantages and Disadvantages of cPanel

cPanel is one of America’s most popular control panels. cPanel is an online graphical interface (GUI) based on Linux, used as a control panel to simplify website and server management. cPanel lets you post websites, manage domains, organize web files, create email accounts and more. Many web hosting companies provide cPanel as apart of their hosting package to customers.

There is two cPanel interfaces, a customer interface called cPanel and a server management interface called Web Host Manager (WHM). While cPanel is restricted to managing a single hosting account, cPanel & WHM allows full server administration.


There are a number of advantages to cPanel powered web hosting, below we will look at the top advantages of using cPanel:


InstallationIt does not take much effort to install it.
InterfaceThe user intaerface is user-friendly and easy to use. The graphic interface has been designed to be responsive. Hence, users have no problem handling the control panel on their system. In addition, it supports easy commands of complex functions. Both simple and complex tasks such as assessing usable disk space is performable. Maintenance if system and system backups can be done in just a few simple clicks only.
SizeThe basic requirement is to run exclusively on a Linux-based operating system. It takes up only a mixmum 20 GB of disk space and requires 512 MB of RAM to run on the system. Nowadays, it is considered as a very simple and basic requirements to meet.
FeaturescPanel has a wide range of high-end features. These features enable users to seamlessly access, host , and manage their online website accounts. Besides that, all cPanel’s apps are protected by an antivirus to prevent unwanted viruses and malware from attacking.
FlexibleIt is super smooth and it does not cause any technical problems.
CompatibilityIt is compatible with all web browsers. For example, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer. It also encourages third-party add-on such as guest blogs, e-books, or digital marketing boards to significantly boost website dynamics.
Reliability and SupportIt has the speciality to detect errors automatically and restart the system on its own for better service.
Available in four tiersIt is available in four tiers but “Stable and “Release” are the only two tiers suitable for production. For the stable tier, bugs and compatibility issues with a focus on reliability have been tested, but it is still not as up-to-date as its competition



cPanel might be the best web hosting control panel in the world. However, it is impossible not to have a few letdown features that the server administrators or clients are disappointed with. Below are some of its most  reported disadvantages:

Authorized Access to FIlesIt does not allow users to access all files without seeking permission first. You will need to obtain permission to access all file from cPanel.
Easy TargetcPanel depends on the server of the software that it is managing. This is very risky as hackers can make their way in through a third-party source. Hence, cPanel has a major encryption problem.
PriceFairly expensive. cPanel cost higher than its other competitors in the market. It is competent but for people with small-scale businesses, they will find it hard to spend so much.
InterfacecPanel’s interface may be easy to use but it is not extremely professional. A lot of webhosts and customer have comment about how they could spend more time developing new features for the control panel.
Different layout for WHMWeb Host Manager uses a different layout than that of the cPanel interface.



Final Words

cPanel is regarded as being extremely user friendly, responsive and well-structured by its users. As, it has many features making it a popular web host for both professional IT experts and amateur users alike. Hence, if you want to use a safe control panel system for your VPS or dedicated Unix/Linux server, then cPanel is the way to go. You do not even need to have high technical skill to run this web hosting site.