Using VPN can benefit your SEO strategy

Your SEO strategy can be improved by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN is a way to help connect two parties on the internet unknowingly by using an encrypted network that is private. It allows user to access restricted content, make it appear to be in another country. In addition, it is also to have great digital security.

Now, VPNs have become an important piece of technology. Especially to those who take their privacy online seriously, or whoever reside in countries with strict censorship laws. But few are aware of how digital marketers will profit from VPNS.

Below are six ways of how using VPN can benefit your SEO strategy:


  1. Understand local SEO using a VPN

There are lots of places a company might want to target. You can be in Australia for example and you want to aim for India. When you do a fast Google search, it will show local Australian results – not a particular outcome you wanted for India. As an SEO specialist, you might want to know what India’s people are looking for. Also, you might want to learn about the rivalry in those regions. If this is the case, then you should use a VPN


  1. VPNs are a Practical Solution

A virtual private network creates an encrypted tunnel between a remote VPN Server and your device. Throughout the process, the data is encoded at one end and decoded at the other. Hence, making the data unintelligible in-transit.

Then, your traffic continues from your VPN server to the restricted website, indicating that foreign IP address is yours, and hiding the original IP address of your device.

Then, you take a detour via the VPN server before reaching your target page, but in terms of performance, it will make little noticeable difference. These technical aspects may look intimidating, but most Open VPN providers use simple interfaces that are user-friendly, making you use them with ease.


  1. Get a More Accurate View of Search Engine Results Pages

The benefit of using a VPN for your SEO strategy is to have an international view of the organic rankings. With the rising amount of geo-restricted content, page trackers, and cookies. Looking at search results in the same way users do is challenging for digital marketing professionals.

Slanted SERP rankings will affect the SEO strategy enormously. By getting a clear understanding of the current rankings, the SEO strategy will be difficult to strategize your SEO campaign accordingly.

Without using a virtual private network, you can not access any other location’s genuine SERPs which can drastically limit your SEO strategy.


  1. Prevent Google Ad Preview Inaccuracies

Google Ad Preview is an important tool when monitoring and planning your PPC adverts.

It allows you to stimulate searches for keywords in various locations to see your ad and the local listings. This also ensures that you can monitor your ads by checking the keyword several times and not by clicking on your ad without the possibility of skewing Click Through Rates (CRT).

The easiest way to get out of this is by using a VPN that help you to test both the organic and paid results correctly.

Without a VPN, you’ll need to rely on the Google Ad Preview tool that has the potential to combine the paid results and organic listings – and that leads to uncertainty in your SEO strategy.


  1. Consider What Features You Want Your VPN to Have

The most important issues for digital marketers and SEO professionals are the number of locations offered. Also, the nature of their encryption methods.

Not all VPN services provide their users with a wide selection of locations. Some have as little as three or 3 different locations and others provide as many as a hundred. You can see the SERP rankings in other countries by selecting a VPN which has more locations. More offered locations means more customers that you can reach for your SEO campaign.

If you are thinking about using a free VPN, make sure you read their privacy policy and terms of use. As, it has been proven that some of these free applications share your data and information with third parties.



A VPN is a valuable tool that can help create a more efficient and precise SEO strategy. To give great privacy, it establishes a safe and encrypted connection. Unlike other web proxies, which mask IP software, VPN allows you full anonymity to access all websites and web applications. If you are also planning to set up a VPN, it is advisable to choose one that is well known and notable. This is because not all VPN providers offer the same performance and security.