1. Do I have the freedom to install any application on my virtual machine?
– Yes. As long as the virtual machine meets the application’s requirement. 

2. Do you monitor my virtual machine?
– Only Gold Managed add-on service will be entitled with the in-house service monitor system monitoring.

3. Do you back up my data?
– We don’t. But, there is 2 type of backup feature can be achieved from hosting control panel. For example, manual backup and auto-backup. Manual backup type back up the entire virtual machine inclusive operating system data and uploaded data. Auto-backup is similar backup method to manual backup but is disabled by default. And, auto-backup contains of 4 type backup interval such as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

4. Can I change operating system at anytime?
– Yes. You can do it from cloud hosting control panel and do not limit with any charges.

5. Can I host Windows operating system?
– Yes. Various edition of Windows server 2003 / 2008 are available to choose.

6. Can I control the traffic in between installed services?
– No. It is not possible.

7. Can I upgrade disk space if it reach the limit?
– Yes. You can upgrade to high number of nodes which contains of higher disk space.

8. What is the network speed for Flexi Cloud Nodes hosting plan?
– Each node come with 1Mbps network speed. It increase by 1Mbps from 1 Node. For example, 1 Node plan has 1Mbps, 2 Nodes plan has 2Mbps, 10 Nodes plan has 10Mbps, etc. The traffic is shared across the virtual machines under your plan regardless the number of virtual machines.

9. Do you provide applications and operating system wise support?
– Yes with the Gold Managed add-on plan sign up.