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Web Hosting Features Guide

Last modified: October 8, 2022
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FTP Instruction

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FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol. A protocol is a set of rules that networked computers use to talk to one another. And FTP is the language that computers on a TCP/IP network (such as the internet) use to transfer files to and from each other.

You’ve probably encountered FTP out there on the net already. Ever downloaded a fresh nightly build of Firefox or grabbed MP3s from some kid’s personal server in Sweden? Then you have probably used FTP without even knowing it. Today’s web browsers allow you to download files via FTP from within the browser window. It’s very convenient, and it’s great for those times you need to download a file or two, but the browser-download method does not offer much in the realm of flexibility. You can’t upload, force a particular transfer mode, or ask the server any questions. And don’t even get me started on the security issue. But if you are doing any sort of web development, you need all this functionality

You can start uploading your files using the below IP address:

FTP://(server IP)

To view your site web hosting using IP, please enter FTP://(Server IP)/~(Username)/ at your browser.

However, Guide Web Hosting once your domain name is transferred and working in your browser then you can use a hostname of


The user name and password are the same as the CPanel.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you upload your files to the PUBLIC_HTML or www directory on the server otherwise they will not be visible on the internet. Save your homepage as an “index” file, e.g. index.htm, index.html, etc.

We suggest you download File Zilla from the Download FileZilla client if you do not already have an FTP client. Click here to learn more about Use FTP.

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