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Procedure to update .my Domain Name Servers

Last modified: October 8, 2022
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Updating .my Domain Name Servers Procedure:

1) Log in to the Mynic Domain  Control Panel.

2) Enter your login details and click“Login”.

3) Hover your cursor to “Domain Name” and click on “Modify Domain”.

mynic domain control panel

4) Enter “[Domain Name]” (without domain extension) and select your domain extension under “[Domain Extension]”. Click “Search”.

modify domain mynic

5) Under “Search Results”, tick the Domain you want to modify and click “Modify”.

modify domain mynic

6) Choose “Add / Remove / Change Name Server”.

7) Tick the name server that you would like to update.

8) Enter the new name server under “Change to:”.

9) Click on the “Modify” button.

modify domain mynic

10) The new pair of DNS has been successfully modified. Please allow 18-72 hours for the DNS propagation period. Learn more about DNS HERE.

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