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Connect to Webmail via cPanel app (Android Phone)

Last modified: October 8, 2022
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Connect To WebMail via cPanel

cPanel had launch app to allow user connect to cPanel/Webmail/WHM easier without login into browser anytime and anywhere.

1. Download cPanel app from Google Play Store.

Download cPanel in android

2. Open the downloaded app. Click on + button.

3. Enter Setting :

Name : Any name (Eg : cPanel)

Address : Your domain name (Eg :

Service : May select cPanel/Webmail/WHM accordingly

For cPanel and WHM, please enter below :

Username : cPanel username

Password : cPanel password

For Webmail, please enter below :

Username : Email address

Password : Email password

Once done, Click Connect.


4. You are now login cPanel !

cPanel log in
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