2.Before installing Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express, you will also need to install MS XML on your local terminal. You can download the MS XML 6 from Microsoft Website.

3. Follow the installation instruction as shown in the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express.

** Please be remind to have taken note on the requirements list on the download page.

4. Once the application has been install on your local terminal,

click Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL server 2005 > SQL Server Management Studio Express CTP

5. You will get a login screen as follow:

Please fill in the details as follow :

Server name: SQLServerIP,1533 ( refer notes below )

Authentication: SQL Server Authentication
Login: YourMSSQLDatabaseUsername
Password: YourMSSQLDatabasePassword

6.Press the ‘ Link ‘ button once you have entered the above details and you will be remotely connected to your MS SQL database hosted on our SQL 2005 server.


– You may obtain your SQLServerIP after you have created your MSSQL database inside your HELM control panel.
– Please make sure your local firewall is not blocking Port 1533.
– This article only applicable to Windows 2003 hosting packages with MSSQL database support.