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Too many connections (number) from this IP in FileZilla

Last modified: October 8, 2022
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Error: Too Many Connections from This IP

When you are using FileZilla FTP Client, you might getting error as too many connection from this IP and lastly found connection timed out.

Eg, Too many connections (10) from this IP: [xx.xx.xx.xx]

The reason you got this is our Linux server allow only 8 connection from 1 IP.

To resolve this issue, you may use the following step to set the similtaneously connectoin to 1 only.
1. Launch your FileZilla FTP Client.
2. Select on Edit and hit on Settings.
3. Click on Transfers from the “Select page:” panel.
4. Change the value of Maximum simultaneous transfer to 1 only where the original value is 5.

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