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How to take a full VPS backup via VZPP/PVA control panel?

Last modified: October 8, 2022
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How to take a full VPS backup via VZPP/PVA control panel?

Applies to :

  • Virtuozzo Linux (VPS) with VZPP/PVA enabled.


To perform this task, you need to have :

  • IP address or hostname of the VPS.
  • Administrator (root) access of the VPS.


Backup is one of the most important integrated features of Virtuozzo. It can be created during run-time without downtime – Live backups.

With a root access of the VPS, the VPS owner has the ability to initiate themselves from the VZPP panel of the VPS. Please note that the backups created via VZPP will not take your VPS disk space, however, we have limited each account to have maximum of 2 backups.


1.    Open Parallels Power Panel and log in using root access of your VPS. VZPP can be accessible from https://(your IP address):4643.

vzpp panel login

2.    Go to Management > Maintenance.

vzpp panel page

3.    Under Backups tab, click New Backup.

vzpp panel new backup

4.    You can set any comments in Backup Description and click Backup button to initiate a backup process.

vzpp panel new backup

5. You can monitor the process by click Details in the Information show after you initiate the process or you can go to Task Log.

vzpp panel maintanence
vzpp panel backing up virtual environment

6.    You will see a new backup in the list when the process completed.

vzpp panel backup

You can read more here about how to fully restore VPS in VZPP/PVA control panel.

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