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Does Cloudflare offer image optimization features?

Last modified: October 5, 2022
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Does Cloudflare Offer Image Optimization Features?

Cloudflare offers image optimization features call Mirage and Polish to pay Cloudflare pricing plans. 

Mirage image optimization will automatically resize the websites selectively to smart images. It depends on how visitors to your site use the picture on the website and how machine uses it. JavaScript require.

Polish image optimization removes metadata and compresses the files for faster page load times.
Note: For the service to take effect immediately, you will have to purge your Cloudflare cache.

Basic (Lossless) is reducing the size of PNG, JPEG and GIF files without affecting the quality of the visuals.

However, JPEGs are convert to progressive images for first loading lower resolution image. It also finishing in version with higher resolution. Beside that, for photography sites there is not recommend that exhibit hi-res images.

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