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How to Enable Auto Backup

Last modified: October 8, 2022
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How to Enable Auto Backup

Our Cloud Hosting feature comes with an auto backup feature. If this feature is enabled, it will automatically back up the virtual machine disk with 4 backup interval of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Below steps demonstrate the way to enable auto backup,

1. Log into your Cloud Hosting control panel Dashboard.

2. Click on Manage Flexi Cloud Nodes .

3. Click the virtual machine which need to be backed up automatically.

4. Click “Storage” tab.

5. Under the row of virtual machine disk to back up, click on the icon that falls under AUTOBACKUP column to turn on.

6. Client on OK to Enable Autobackup.

* Each plan is limited with an amount of backup space. The auto backup will stop working if the total backup size exceed the plan backup space limit regardless the number of backup copy has been generated.

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