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How To Add An IDN Domain As Parked Domain

Last modified: October 5, 2022
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How to Add IDN Domain As Parked Domain

This guideline is mainly prepared to guide user who owns an IDN domain and wishes to make it as domain alias with their host domain. 

First users are required to hold an IDN domain and gain active IDN domain punny code from a domain registrar. As an example, a user who holds Hong Kong IDN domain may get this information from HKIRC. An example below, owner holding a domain with punnycode (XN–UKVN91GB4C.XN–J6W193G) or (XN–UKVW82GTMD.XN–J6W193G). Refer to screenshot.

If the user is unable to grab the above information from a domain registrar, may proceed to IDN Conversion Tools to convert the holding IDN domain to ASCII format. Refer to knowledgebase (How To Convert An IDN Domain to ASCII Character) for better information.

How To Add An IDN Domain As Parked Domain (in cPanel)

1. Access to cPanel via the portal (domain. name/Cpanel) with given credential.

2. Proceed to click on “Parked Domains” under the “Domains” session.

3. Insert active IDN domain punnycode under “Add Domain” column and proceed to click on “Add Domain”.
4. IDN domain successful added as parked domain with primary host. Added result shall appear as below. User may try to browse website with IDN domain after domain propagate.


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