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How to Turn Business Notifications On and Off

Last modified: October 5, 2022
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Turn Business Notifications On and Off

  • Business notifications are separate from backup status emails and are designed to be helpful for business operators and other responsible managers.
  • Furthermore ,You can enable or disable for any given account in Acronis Backup Cloud. When enabled,  will be sent to the specified e-mail address in the account.
  • Besides that ,Business notification emails are comprised of the following notice types sent to the e-mail specified in the account and include:
    • Quota management notifications (quota excess, overage excess etc.)
    • Data center notifications (maintenance windows, software updates etc.)
    • Monthly usage reports (generated automatically on the 2nd day of each month)
  • In addition, To switch business notifications on or off:
    • In the account management console, double-click the account for which you want to adjust notifications to open the Settings panel.
    • The toggle switch for Business Notifications is found here in the account settings.

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