Does Mondoze Provide Secure Shell Access (SSH) ?

The answer is Yes. We provide remote shell access to our Linux shared hosting server via SSH. Our Linux servers support SSH-1 and SSH-2. We only provide Jailshell access instead of normal shell access (CShell OR Bourne Shell).

However do noted that the shell access is disabled by default. We have implement SSH limitation on cPanel Shared server to increase the security level of the server and kindly contact us to enable the shell access for your hosting account

How to access server via SSH?

You could use PUTTY (a client program for the SSH, Telnet and Rlogin network protocols) as SSH Application to connect to server via SSH. It is available for free download

What is the IP address and SSH port to access Mondoze server?

IP address – You may try to ping your own domain name which point to Mondoze Hosting by using CMD or may retrieve the IP while requesting the Shell Access from our support.

Shared hosting account SSH Port – 8286

VPS/Dedicated server SSH Port: 8288 

What is Shell?

Shell – known as command shell, it is the command processor interface. The command processor is the program that executes operating system commands. It is a part of the command processor that accepts commands. After verifying that the commands are valid, the shell sends them to another part of the command processor to be executed. Unix systems offer a choice between several different shells, the most popular are the Cshell, the Bourne shell, and the Korn shell. Each offers an extent of different command language.