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Taking Screenshot/PrintScreen

Last modified: October 8, 2022
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How To Take Screenshot/PrintScreen

This article will teach you how to take a screenshot/printscreen from your machine. 

Microsoft Windows

1. To printscreen from Microsoft Windows Operating System, you may need to have IBM/Windows Keyboard.

2. Click on the print screen(may be “prt sc” for some keyboard) button from keyboard once.

3. From your keyboard, run Windows Key + r to open run console, then key in “mspaint” and press enter. OR

You may go to Windows Start Button, All Programs -> Accessories -> Paint (With Windows Vista).

4. Paste your screenshot with Keyboard Ctr + v or go to toolbar, select Edit and Paste.

5. Save your image file with either JPEG(.jpg) or PNG(.png) file type.

**Please do not save with BMP format

Linux (Ububtu GNOME)

1. Go to main menu.

2. Click on Applications -> Accessories -> Take Screenshot.

3. Save the screenshot as JPEG(.jpg) or PNG(.png) file type.


1. On the keyboard, hit on “Command-Shift-3” to get the screenshot.

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