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How do I update the WordPress plugins and themes?

Last modified: October 8, 2022
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How To Update WordPress Plugins and Themes

With the awesome WordPress Toolkit that’s built into your WordPress subscription. you can easily review and update all the WordPress plugins and themes. as well as your WordPress installation without the needs to login to your WordPress admin dashboard. If you wanted to save the time and get the latest updates can check out the tips on how to turn on the WordPress automatic update for your WordPress website. 

Here’s how you can review the available WordPress themes, plugins and core updates. for your WordPress without getting into your WordPress admin dashboard.

1. Sign in to your customer portal area to access to your control panel.

2. If there’s an update for your WordPress installation release, themes and plugins, the control panel will indicate to you on the updates that’s available. Sample screen shot below indicated that there’s an update of WordPress that’s available together with plugins and themes. That’s been installed on this WordPress website.

You can click on the “Details” link that will bring you to the page of available. Updates for you to review before applying the update.

Go through each of the tabs for your WordPress core updates, plugins and themes tab until get all installed.

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