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Recovery of Physical Machines with the Backup Management Web Interface

Last modified: October 5, 2022
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How To recover a physical machine

To recover a physical machine (with backup management web interface)

  1. Select the backed-up machine.
  2. Click Recovery.
  3. Select a recovery point. If the machine is offline, the recovery points not display. Besides that, Do any of the following:
    • However, If the backup location is cloud or shared storage (i.e. other agents can access it), click Select machine, select a target machine that is online, and then select a recovery point.
    • Select a recovery point on the Backups tab.
    • Recover the machine
  4. Click Recover > Entire machine. The software automatically maps the disks from the backup to the disks of the target machine.
    • To recover to another physical machine, click Target machine, and then select a target machine that is online.
    • If the disk mapping fails, recover the machine. In other words ,The media enables you to choose disks for recovery and to map the disks manually.

5. Click Start recovery.

6. Confirm that you want to overwrite the disks with their backed-up versions. Choose whether to restart the machine automatically.

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