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Deny an IP / Domain on cPanel

Last modified: October 5, 2022
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Deny an IP / Domain on Linux Server

The steps below will allow you to cancel visitor access from a specific IP Address or Domain Name. The simplest way would be to just do it through your cPanel. You can also do it by editing your .htaccess file in the directory you are working in.

Deny an IP using cPanel

1. Login to your ‘cPanel’.

2. Under “Security”, go to ‘Manager’. OR you can find “IP Blocker” under Security.

3. Under ‘Add :’ enter the IP address or Domain name you wish to block from accessing your site.

4. Click ‘Add’.

Deny an IP using .htaccess file

Add the coding below into your .htaccess file:

order allow,deny

deny from

deny from

allow from all

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