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How to Change The File Permission in cPanel

Last modified: October 5, 2022
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How to Change The File Permission in cPanel

Sometime, you may need to change the permissions of the particular file/folder in Linux in order to install web application or to protect your data from other to view and modify the file without your consent. To change it, simply log in and follow the steps as outlined below.

1. Assuming you have logged into cPanel, click on File Manager icon under group Files.

2. Navigate to the file/folder that you wish to modify. Then, select the file/folder that you require to create the right permission and click on “Permissions”.

(hint: You may need to double click on the blue folder icon if you wish to go into a particular folder.)

3. You will be showing a table to choose which permission to enable or disable. Click Change Permission when you are ready. Your permissions have been saved and the updated permission will be shown under Perms column.

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