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Connect to cPanel/Webmail/WHM via cPanel app (iOS)

Last modified: March 23, 2021
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Connect to cPanel/Webmail/WHM via cPanel app

cPanel had launch app to allow user connect to cPanel/Webmail/WHM easier without login into browser anytime and anywhere. 

1. Download cPanel app from App Store.

2. Open the downloaded app.

3. Select + button to add new connection.

4. Fill in the server details accordingly.

Server Information:

For 1. Insert any name user wish to add

For 2. Insert your domain name

For services, May select cPanel/Webmail/WHM accordingly


For 3 & 4.

a. If user selected  WHM as services, do insert the  username and password


b. If user selected webmail as services, may insert the email username and password

Note: TouchID may depends on user requirement whereas if user wish to login with fingerprint, may enable it.

Else, user will require to insert password each time during login.

5. A sample  , WHM and webmail is available under the list.

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