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CloudFlare user-cPanel/webmail layout error or keeps log out

Last modified: March 15, 2021
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cPanel/WebMail Layout Error or Keeps Log Out

For user domain that are using CloudFlare nameserver, you might be facing the below issue:
Issue: Upon login to cPanel/Webmail using OR, the cPanel interface or webmail selection page have no images (or stylesheets or javascripts) load and might log out moments later.
Resolutions: Login into DNS panel and update and webmail. to hosting server IP. Upon update, may browse both cpanel/webmail. to login into cPanel/Webmail end where the layout will resume normal.

cPanel won’t load or keeps logging me out after enabling Cloudflare.

NOTE: If user are unsure on the hosting server IP, kindly submit case to our support department (Submit Case) so that we are able to further check and advise on.

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